What every coach needs to know about body language


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Virtual, by Zoom

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

  13 September 2022

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I LOVE helping coaches. I LOVE being a coach. I specifically LOVE being a Breakthrough and Abundance Coach.

The thing that helps me to be the best help I can be to people is by following the body language clues and signs when I am with them.

Breakthrough coaching is about curious questions and enquiry, so seeing the cause and effect of a question in real time really helps gain clarity, and the breakthrough for the client.

Whatever type of coach you are. And, whatever topic you coach, this will enable you to super charge your skills, perception and intuition about what is really happening in your coaching sessions for both you and your client who is with you.

These skills will work for you whether you work in person, virtually, or by phone.

I’ve made it a lunchtime so you have no excuse not to attend, everyone should be having a lunch break no matter where you are, or whatever you’re doing that day?

I’ve made it virtual so that you can listen in, video in or a combination of both.  There are notes available afterwards too, to jog your memory.

What it will cover:

  • How to baseline your clients and what to look for when they first settle
  • How to know what is true for them in that moment?
  • How to spot where there is alignment or mis-alignment with their values as you talk. Is it possible you are projecting your own pre-conditions onto them?
  • How to spot when they feel challenged, or out of their comfort zone  so you know when to back off or push further?
  • How to spot signs that you have lost their attention?

I guarantee that no matter how great a coach you are, you will not have considered some of these before, or not noticed them as they happen in real time. This is a genuine opportunity to enhance your skills and increase how much you can help people.

See you there fellow coaches. Bring your lunch if you want to.