The Ultimate Guide to Compassionate Assertiveness



The art of communication has the ability to change your life in a way that nothing else can. Money, time, even skill level in a given area will not change your life if you do not know how to communicate your ideas, check the understanding of other people who are involved, and look for the win-win where possible.

Ultimately the quality of your life, what, and who you attract into it, what you achieve, and leave as your legacy, will be determined by one thing…..communication.

This book is the culmination of almost six years of work, working with thousands of people along the way. I’ve designed, honed, and tested a blueprint for spectacular communication that really works, for real people, in real relationships, in the real world.

I’m on a mission to give you the relationships you deserve – in love, with your kids, at work, in business, with friends…………because communication is always the key.