Love Body Language. How to get it, and keep it! R18


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Virtual, by Zoom

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

  9 September 2022


Have you been out of the dating game a while?

Do you miss the signs of attraction when you’re out and about?

Have you lost your ability to filter out the undesirable?


Have you been in the love game a while and want some extra zing in your daily love life?

Want to understand your partners intentions more?

These things are the focus of this impact session on LOVE body language. They are called Impact sessions for a reason…..because they make an impact!

The body language of love is one of the most fascinating aspects of body language. People REALLY under estimate how powerful it is as a catalyst for that first connection, firing up the spark, and keeping the heat in existing relationships to prevent you from slipping into the mundane zone.

If you don’t feel comfortable joining in with video, you can just go audio. If you’d rather stay completely anonymous then you are welcome to and sit through it like a webinar. Although everyone there will be there for a reason remember, so be brave, ask what you want to. The chat box will be running, so I’ll answer questions as I go and capture it so that if I run out of time I can get back to you afterwards.

You’ll be sent notes after the class too.

Open to all genders, sexualities, and ages over 18. Adult content.

Yes, it’s a Friday night, and yes, that’s intentional. Still early enough to go out if you’re inspired to make a move. Or a stand alone event to learn something new?