Live and work in your element 2023 – January Group Breakthrough. Wanaka


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7:00 am - 8:30 am

  7 January 2023 - 28 January 2023

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Choosing 888 was intentional. The number 888 appears to let you know that a favourable and positive outcome is preparing to unfold in your life.

Live and work in your element has helped thousands of people breakthrough into a new way of living and working.

For the first time ever offered in Wanaka. Just 8 spots are available to work together as the year starts.

7,14,21,and 28 of January.

We start at 7am every Saturday morning for 4 weeks until 8.30am

This is group Breakthrough Coaching at it’s best. A unique coaching technique that is exactly what it says. Delivering breakthroughs in your life, relationships, communication and who knows what else.  Breakthrough coaching is not common in New Zealand. It is not life coaching. It is not advice. It is not counselling or therapy either.

How can one person ever really advise another? We all have different pre-conditions. We are brought up in a million different ways, different cultures,  we had different influencers and influence, life events, messaging, belief systems etc.

Breakthrough coaching explores with curiosity, mind sets and pre-conceived ideas that no longer, (and possibly never) served you.  Into something else.  It is freedom and joy. Living and working in your element. Wouldn’t that be an amazing start to 2023?

Part of the deal as well as 4 x group classes set in a venue in Wanaka are 2 x 60 minute 1-1 sessions for each person throughout the month, with support by email/text in between sessions and group sessions. This is not something you just turn up to and listen. It is life changing in every sense of the word.

Are you one of the 8?

Stephanie Holloway in one of only 7 Breakthrough Master Coaches in the whole of New Zealand who are also A.N.Z.C.A.L accredited. (Australia and NZ Coaching Alliance). She is the ONLY Master Coach in the South Island!

Ready to mix it up in 2023?

Reach out for a phone chat to see if this could be for you.

Payment plans available – final payment made by Jan 1st