Learn about Manipulators in Body Language


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Virtual, by Zoom

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

  12 August 2021

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What are Manipulators in Body Language?
Manipulators are the MOST USED body language ever. The average human can do up to 200 manipulators a day!
Manipulators are anytime your own hands or fingers touch your own head, face or hair.
They are a direct response seen in real time to what you think about something that has just been said or done to you. Something you are feeling.
Emotions that you have from triggers – often deep within your pre-conditions.
Once you understand what they mean, and what they look like, then you have a real edge in life.
Understanding manipulators makes you a more reflective, kinder, responsive person who knows exactly the next question to ask.
You begin to notice the ‘cause and effect’ of communication and behaviour on others….what a gift?