FREE Taster Session on Body Language. Parua Bay.

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 Parua Bay
Parua Bay Community Centre 1341 Whangarei Heads Road Parua Bay 0192

10:00 am - 11:00 am

  11 June 2022

This is a free taster session for Parua Bay to introduce me into your community – as I’ll be living there until December.

Come along and say hi, join in, or just listen.

I’ll introduce you to the wonderful world of body language reading and decoding.

It’s an informal session where you can ask me questions if you like? Common ones that come up are:

How does body language work?

How easy/difficult is it to learn?

What does it mean when ………?

My aim is to have fun, and intrigue you about how body language can give you an edge in life.

See possibilities to use it in your business or organisation to sell more, understand more, be more responsive.

See how it can help you out in human relationships.

No need to register – just turn up. Looking forward to meeting you.