For Writers – Reading analysis – completed works of fiction

This is an opportunity for writers to have their draft and completed novel analysed to see if the body language used throughout is:

  • Set up properly in the character development from the outset – has something been missed?
  • If the actual body language referenced is accurate/up to date (the science of body language is ever evolving, and some body language portrayals are mere myths.)
  • If the dialogue/descriptions merely show the audience, or illicit physiological feelings in the readers body (increased heart rate, sexual arousal for example).
  • If the dialogue is over written/over explained – which detracts from context and story flow, character connection
  • If the story is under developed in use of body language and there are missed opportunities
This is for a full read through of works of fiction of 300-350 pages and/or up to 100,000 words.

Full books only accepted – not separate pages/chapters of content.

Completed work only accepted. If you have premature work please book my other 1-1 consult service to help you develop storylines, context, characters and plot etc.
Report on my findings in PDF format upon completion plus 30 minute Zoom/What’s App/Phone chat about findings and questions.
Fee is $3NZ – ($2.79AU, $2.16US, 1.55 pounds sterling) PER PAGE.