For Writers – 1-1 Developmental Consult – work in progress


This session is ideal for writers who want to:

  • Outline the characters fully before starting to write – including their body language baseline (what they usually look, sound, move like).
  • Develop the characters to move the plot forward in a meaningful, logical, and intriguing way
  • Build stronger connections with the characters for the readers
  • Create greater memory of who the character is at the outset which follows the reader through the evolving plot and makes it easier to relate and understand the characters
  • Create lasting impressions for the reader through showing instead of telling, and more importantly feeling instead of showing. How to illicit physiological responses in the body of the reader.

Developmental Consulting specifically for body language can help you to:

  • Avoid structural issues the story could have with continuance
  • Build stronger characters
  • Use language/movement/tone of voice appropriate to the characters baseline
  • See how they use proxemics (how they move through space, manipulate space between them and others)
  • What their ‘tells’ might be in relation to their baseline
  • What their out of comfort zone micro expressions, manipulators, speech illustrators and emblems might be.
  • Bring out the characters true identity in their postures, how they wear their clothes, move, sit, stand, energy they send out, feelings they illicit in the reader.
  • Bring your story to life and make it a more enjoyable and relatable read.

This service is for two hours of 1-1 consultation (which can be taken in 2 separate sessions).

To get the maximum out of this service you can either:

  • Take notes throughout yourself – (there will be no written report by me from this session it is developmental/exploration only.)
  • Voice record the session – which you agree to not share in anyway to others or online in any way.
  • If by Zoom it can be recorded – but you agree if recorded to use the session recording for your own personal use only and not share in any way on social media or online, or to any other people.