Fast Track Body Language morning – Whangarei


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The Orchard Business and Event Hub 35 Walton Street Whangarei

9:00 am - 12:30 pm

  17 September 2022


Come and spend a short, yet impactful Saturday morning with Stephanie Holloway, Body Language Coach, and get the fast track on body language awareness.

The morning is aimed at giving you a rapid result in deciphering what you send out yourself, your personal brand, (your encode), and what you see in others, (the decode). Body language is part science, part observation and part intuition. You’ll be shown how to use these three things during human interactions to help you make informed decisions about what is really happening.

This is a full-on, interactive, feel good, change your life kinda morning, that will leave you buzzing.

Body language is……..

Easy to learn (if you’re paying attention)

Impossible to forget (once you know what you are looking at)

The way you make your mark on the world (whether others realise it, or not!)

We will have a short break midway through.