Who taught you that? Invercargill LIVE event


Malloch McClean 101 Don Street Invercargill

  7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

  10 May 2021

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Ever wondered how you became the person you are today?

What influenced you? Who influenced your beliefs? Which of your personality traits are yours, and which you’ve inherited?

How does all of this affect your communication style – how you speak to others, and how you invite in and accept communication?

What does it do for your boundaries? Your relationships? Your emotional well-being?

Does it show in your body language and micro expressions what you really feel?

This sessions aim is to be a catalyst for you to go away and become more aware of what you send out, what you invite in, and whether you can live with that, whether you need or want to deal with that….or change it!


Please note: This is a talk, not a workshop and there will be no obligation or expectation for you to share anything personal about your life. The talk is 1 hour with 15 minutes for questions.

If you need more personalised assistance than that please view my 1-1 coaching options – https://www.elementalpotential.com/shop/coaching/1-1-impact-session-for-1-person-1-hour-including-gst/