Live Virtual Training Session – The Multi Generational Future


  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

  17 November 2020

Gen Z arriving in the workforce? It’s happening! There are 40,000 of them coming into the workforce in the next 3-5 years. Embrace it. Be ready willing and able for it. If your Gen Z is starting work, how can you give them the best start?

What about Generation Alpha 2010 -2015? They will be living on a planet with more over 60’s than any other time in history. The world’s population will be 8.8 Billion by the time they hit the workforce and AI will have taken away most of the menial and boring jobs.

This final session in the series of 3 time travels into the future and shows us what to expect.

Is it possible that reverse mentoring is already working in your business or family organically…… And you don’t know it?

Reverse mentoring is not a new concept. In the 90’s it was common for young people to teach older people about email and the internet. But, today’s reverse mentoring goes way beyond that. Way beyond the technology and the emotions, value system, and into the communication preferences of a whole generation.

Be positive about the change and share your positive attitude with others. Don’t buy into, and propagate the myths and stereotypes. Don’t let your family, organisation, practice, business and customers suffer because you can’t embrace the difference. Celebrate the difference and watch your life change in ways you never imagined.

My hope by the end of this series is that having knowledge about the different generations will bring you wisdom, tolerance, and acceptance.

You will be a: GENTERPRETER®

1 hour live training event which will not be recorded. E notes provided afterwards to attendees.