How to make an impact and influence people using body language


Level 1 Suite 5-7, 1 Faraday Street Parnell Auckland

  6:00 am - 8:00 am

  27 February 2018


This is an exciting collaboration between Elemental Potential and The Common – The Entrepreneurs Playground.

It’s a chance to have a look around this amazing environment as a non-member and find out how to influence people using body language.

I have presented to thousands of people all over the country since founding Elemental Potential in 2012. Take this opportunity to meet me, learn something intriguing and life enhancing, and have fun.

“Your sub-conscious is trying to help you 24/7. It pre-empts your words, sending you non-verbal signals as you feel emotions. It is trying to help you feel stronger, more confident, and help you build sustainable relationships across every area of your life.

But you miss the clues, and choose words and listening as your ‘go to’ which is a mere fraction of your communication potential (as little as 7%)

Let me show you how to tap into the other 93% that is non-verbal communication, vocal intonation, micro-expressions, and decoding incoming and directional body language. It’s my first language and my passion.

Don’t expect to come to this and walk out unchanged!”


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