Learn Body Language…change your life!


St John 10 Douglas Street Frankton Queenstown

  1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

  8 June 2019

Whether you know it or not you have been exposed to body language signals and clues your whole life. To keep you safe, to make sure you understand, to give you choices, to show disapproval, to control situations, to welcome in, or exclude. You have also noticed people’s baseline (what they usually look like

If you know what to look for – what you are looking at (decoding), and what you are sending out (encoding) you will be able to read between the lines of what people are saying………or, what they are not saying.

Body language comes mostly from the sub-conscious, so once we feel the emotion it goes straight to our extremities ……to try and help us out. Which is why our face often ‘betrays’ us.

Body language can also come from, and be altered as a result of individual words used, tone used, and even placement in a sentence. All will change the body language.

Come along and learn more about this fascinating hybrid of science, intuition, observation, and physical responses. In the smallest or largest way, you can’t un-see what you see – once you fully understand what you are looking at!