How to transform your business and prevent the toxics


 Palmerston North
172/174 Fitzherbert Avenue Palmerston North

  10:00 am - 3:00 pm

  9 September 2018

If you’re wondering how your business ended up with negative, ‘toxic’ people, or simply want to know how to prevent it. This is the most relevant personal development you will do this year!

Yes, it’s a Sunday ?. The classes are run at the weekend so people have to want to be there, they are present, without distractions.

Take the time to transform your business and learn from NZ top body language expert and communication authority, Steph Holloway, Founder of Elemental Potential and creator of the world’s first practical model for Compassionate Assertiveness in Action™.

She is in Palmerston North for one weekend only this year before taking her communication model global in 2019.

What you will learn:
– The tipping points of communication styles in any business and how just one too many of a certain type can tip the balance and minimise your success and the culture you worked so hard for.
– How to deal (once and for all) with the negative Nellies, ‘social’ office fairies, gossip-mongers, and passive aggressive whingers.

You will only ever be as good as the energy level and personas of your weakest links – find out who they are, how they got that way, how they ended up in your business… and what you can do about it.

When you walk out of this class you will know:
– How to empower your team (and yourself) to stop enabling it!
– How to use the right words, in the right way, at the right time, using Compassionate Assertiveness in Action™.
– How to be assertive, but not at the expense of anyone else – and with your ethics and integrity firmly intact.

Want to go into a new week with new skills?
No waffly promises. No weird mantras. Just the pure mechanics of communication at its best. ‘Sticky’ communication that you can start using straight away. Ready?

Limited spaces for maximum learning experience – so get in quick!

Coffee, tea, and energising snacks provided throughout the day – bring your own lunch.

Notes provided on the content of the day, along with a free copy of Compassionate Assertiveness in Action E-book , and a month’s free membership to the Member Hub of with online body language tutorials not seen anywhere else, and unique member only content on compassionate assertiveness