LIVE Virtual Event – How to have amazing communication and connection over the Christmas Holiday


Virtual, by Zoom

  10:00 am - 11:00 am

  12 December 2020

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And …….. look out for yourself!

What is it about putting a group of people together (who actually do love each other – mostly) that creates such friction, brings out unconscious bias, re-hashes events from the past, and turns communication to s##t?

This year MAY be different? Being locked in during Covid 19 changed the way we see the people we live with and work with…maybe? For some of us we learned from it. We became more grateful, more considerate, we sought first to understand before jumping in. We saw different sides to the people we live with and share space with. We remembered why we loved them in the first place, what they are great at – and hopefully we learned to throw tolerance and unconditional love at the things that usually irritate us.

Whether you celebrate Christmas for the real reason it is celebrated, or join in because you have no choice about following the Christian calendar of holidays – is down to you. Also, down to you is how you communicate, and what you accept and invite in from others.

Psychology talks of vertical stressors which are linked to a particular time of year or event, and Christmas would be a great example of that. Extra pressure is added due to the volume of extra stuff you have to get through – presents, food, logistics of visitors etc. This is exacerbated if one person usually carries that load.

Horizontal stressors on the other hand happen over time, they can be generational traditions or triggers that unearth feelings you don’t want to feel again. Christmas can feel like a sad or scary time for many people. For others, it is just another day.

So, how can pro-actively thinking about your communication going into Christmas help?

  • It can help you assess what ‘ping’s are in your can. What is rattling around in there that you could deal with – or let go of.
  • It can help you to feel prepared, feel more in control, and remind yourself of who you really are, and the inner resources you possess.
  • It can help you to look out for yourself, and ask the question ALL compassionately assertive people ask themselves – “Does that work for me?”
  • It can help you to think about your responses in advance. You know instinctively what might be lurking around the Christmas corner for you. Have a list of responses ready and question threads that could play out for you.
  • It can help you to express your feelings and let others know them, by asking questions like: “Can I explain to you how I’m feeling right now (name)?”
  • It can help you to make positive (and permanent) change. Just because it’s always been like that doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way!


This virtual live session’s aim is to give you some tools that you can use as you approach the holiday. You’ll learn about the ‘ping’ theory (emotional triggers) – why and how you’ll benefit from emptying your ‘can’.

It will give you examples of communication threads, and why you often walk away too soon with no resolution – so it keeps happening.

It will empower you to stop enabling (kitten feeding) inappropriate behaviour or words that diminish you or irritate you.

You will understand the true meaning of the compassion part of compassionate assertiveness and how that works for you, and others.

Make time for this.  Holidays should be joyful, not stressful.

I am mindful that not everyone is out of lockdown, and have considered this in the timing for NZ, AU, US, and UK/Europe time zones. The event is in NZ time and we are in summer time at the moment (+12 for UK for example.)

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See you there.