How to be a better leader


Reap Central Plateau 73 Titiraupenga Street Taupo

  6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

  17 August 2018


Yes, it’s a test!

Can you get to a class on better leadership on a Friday night?

“Too busy”, “Haven’t got time,” “Fridays are always stressful,” “ TGIF”………. find a bit of fuel left in your tank and get there to hear this message.

An impactful evening. Pure unadulterated communication skills for better leadership of people.

No wishy washy, predictable same old, same old. No preaching, inspirational mantras, or chanting.

Action based proven methods that thousands of people have used successfully to change the communication they choose, use, and enable………that’s it!

Don’t turn up and expect to walk out unchanged!

If you want ethical leadership that incites your team to step up and buy into your business – then this is for you.