Hosted by Southland Chamber of Commerce – How to Lead and Care for the Multi-Generational Workforce

Ascot Park Hotel Invercargill

  9:00 am - 12:00 pm

  6 October 2020

Be a ‘Genterpreter’™ for your business (PDF)
Are You and Your Business Ready?

Within the next 3-6 years the last of the Boomers will retire.

  • Are your Gen X and Millennials ready for when the last of your Boomers have gone?
  • Are the Gen Z’s ready to take their place in a modern-day workforce?
  • And are you already looking ahead to see how Generation Alpha will be most useful to you in long-term strategic planning?
Designed For

This session is for you if you want to get ahead of the curve, learn about the traits and preferences of each generation, and raise your awareness about what the world of work means to them. Anyone, and everyone can benefit from this thought provoking, insightful session.

Learning Content

This workshop will show you how to use reverse mentoring to leverage and harness the skill sets of different generations, get ready for the mass influx of Gen Z entering the job market in NZ, and look ahead to what the next 5-10 years hold.

Current styles of people leadership will be all but obsolete within the next 5-10 years as we adjust to multi-generational workplaces, and new ways of working. The need to be a Genterpreter® will become more and more apparent. By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be Millennials, and it is estimated that there will be over 60 million job seekers of Gen Z hitting the workforce globally in that timespan.

Change is good. And change is coming. These are exciting times in the world of work.


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