Hosted by Alexandra Parent Centre – Communication that kids understand #2


St Aiden's Church Hall 9 Bantry Street Alexandra

  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

  29 May 2019

Compassionate assertiveness is the key, the magic ingredient of communication that works so well, once mastered, it will be like a light has been switched on for you. You will see  SO clearly why and how your previous communication styles have ended up as they have.

You will see this as a way to allow children to feel empowered and independent, whilst keeping them safe. And you will have what we all desire – a relationship that is based on mutual trust, love, and respect for the others’ viewpoint and choices in life.

If you’re here reading this – then you care. You care enough to attend and want exceptional communication to become an everyday part of your life.

I wish you well. Human relationships bind us all together, and none more so than those with our children. We brought them into the world, we care for them, teach them, encourage them… or not.

I’d like to believe that no one with a duty of care to children intentionally sets out to have a dysfunctional relationship with them. It is in our intrinsic nature to want to do our best by our children. It’s ironic therefore that our ideas are often skewed in this area.

In this session you will be challenged to think about your current style of parenting/care-giving, and what is – and isn’t working for you and the children in your care.

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