He Says. She Says.


224 Great North Road Winton - Southern REAP

  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

  8 November 2018

If you find yourself perplexed, bemused, frustrated (or a million other words) about the difference between men and women’s communication then walk this way.


This session answers some of the questions that men want to ask women……and vice versa. It also looks at the differences in body language and what that says. Bring along your own questions too, and let’s see what comes up!


So, what’s the problem? Men who can’t communicate. Women who over-communicate?


Somewhere in-between the lands of perceived indifference and twiddly bits lies a communication male/female nirvana. Communication that still seems logical to a man, and yet answers the questions for a woman.


A land where vulnerability is not a weakness, compassion is a gold medallist, and reason prevails.


This will be a light hearted, yet enlightening look at the ‘battle’ of the sexes. Bring your questions, bring men and women, bring your sense of humour, and be open-minded enough to see both sides.

This is a test event on a live audience in preparation for it being included in the Elemental Potential Online Tour for 2019. All feedback welcome.

50% of proceeds go to The Winton Skatepark Charitable Group for the next stage of the Skate Park area development …

Support your local community and have a bit of fun.