Cre8ing Balance – Health, Healing & Happiness

Kinross Vineyard and Cottages Gibbston

  9:00 am - 5:00 pm

  18 May 2019

I’m supporting this amazing well-being event in Queenstown for a second year and hope to see you all there. Chenin Madden of Cre8ing Balance has curated facilitators who will inspire and inform you in wonderful ways to re-think, re-evaluate and improve your well-being.

Here is the link to pay and book:

I will be speaking on the ‘Busy Trap’ and how it affects your communication and the people in your personal and work world – for better – or worse!

Are you falling into the ‘busy’ trap?

It’s a fact, that has never been dis-proven to me in the eight years I have been working with individuals and businesses to heal, inspire, and educate them in matters of communication. BUSY KILLS COMMUNICATION!

At the very least it diminishes communication, which manifests as ‘snippiness’, whinging, nagging, living in preaching, statements, moralisation….. all the ugly side of communication!

When the ugly side rears its head, other people get hurt, and depending on their own unique communication style and personality they will all receive it (your incoming) in different ways, and some will hang onto what you have said or done to them for a just a minute….some for a lifetime. Psychologists make a very good living all over the world by dealing with peoples’ past communication hurts.

Busy alters perception (which is a different reality for everyone other than you probably). It could change their perception about themselves – self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief. Just because you think it or have blurted it, does not make it so in someone else’s perception.

Words are powerful. Words in the wrong place at the wrong time – damaging. They can’t be unheard. Body language can’t be unseen.

If you are one of those people who is at the mercy of busy, your life probably looks like an air-dancer outside of a car yard. You are flailing about mindlessly, going wherever the current wind/task/drama takes you.

I’ve met several women recently who are reluctant to give up their busy ‘badge of honour’. It can’t be possible that it’s still clever in 2019 can it? It was only really clever for a nano-second in the 90’s, when women were ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ and trying to prove themselves better than men.

These days we have absolutely nothing to prove. All we need to do is BE. We could be working ‘deeply’ (one task at a time and doing it REALLY well). We could be mindful of our own needs and learn to protect our time. This is not selfish. It is logical and common sense.

And, don’t get me started on how empowerment fits into being an exceptional communicator. You make massive assumption about someone every time you do something for them without asking. Every time they don’t do it and you pick up the slack instead of corrective coaching that behaviour.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me their communication was failing because they are busy, I would be very rich and living on a yacht somewhere.

Let me help you. I can help find you time – at the moment some of you lose time (at least 12 hours a week). I can help you find your emotional and mental well-being – and keep it stable. I can help you to be an empowerer – not an enabler (FYI all of the worlds problems EVER were created by an enabler somewhere). Someone looked away. Someone didn’t see it, and say it. Someone condoned it. Someone missed an opportunity to corrective coach it.

Remember it’s – heal, inspire, and educate……and it always happens in that order.

Be there at Kinross, May 18th – bring your questions, get some answers. Change your life.

Steph Holloway is a global communication thought leader. Her compassionate assertiveness model is now used around the world and has been a part of over 1,200 businesses and 10,000 individuals’ lives. It’s a simple model that make people accountable for their communication, and re-programmes what isn’t working.