Compassionate Assertiveness for Women

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The Workshop Auckland 37D Crummer Road Ponsonby Auckland 1021

  9:00 am - 12:00 pm

  15 November 2018

This is the first Elemental Potential event at this amazing venue – and the ONLY LIVE event for Compassionate Assertiveness for Women in 2018!

What’s your biggest fear? Being labelled bossy?  Being labelled weak if you act like a woman?

Here’s the kicker……you don’t have to act like a man to get ahead in life. You have to act like you – and be assertive around men…..and women.

Straight assertiveness doesn’t work – for many reasons – it can alienate, get you a label you don’t (or do) deserve, and still at the end of all that may not get you what you want……or it does, and it’s often at the expense of someone else’s feelings!

This workshop, exclusively for women – sees straight through outdated stereotypes, and gives you simple to manage communication tools that once mastered alter every aspect of your life – not just business.

You will learn the basics of compassionate assertiveness in action:

  • Looking for the win-win, not the winner
  • Seeking first to understand, then be understood
  • Learn to “see it, say it”©
  • Use “low and slow”© to aid conflict resolution
  • Clear, concise, concrete communication – with no surprises
  • Body confidence

I could give you a spiel with words like inspirational, motivational, and energising to convince you how you will benefit from this workshop. But, exceptional communication is just logical. Practical, easy to master and use concepts to make your life better……that’s it!


2 reviews for Compassionate Assertiveness for Women

  • kirsteen29

    Another fantastic workshop with Steph. I love her honesty and ‘say it as it is’ approach. I am learning that as a woman we put so much unnecessary pressure and expectations on ourselves to be everything to everyone. This workshop is relevant to all women and I’m looking forward to putting all the tools into practice. Thanks again Steph ???? ~ Kirsteen

  • h.sevvy

    Fantastic overview of compassionate assertiveness and how to put it into practice, and great notes that come with it. A big eye opener but there was no judgement from steph or any of the other ladies on this workshop. Steph is so up front and honest about things, and it’s so refreshing to see a presenter so passionate about changing the world one passive aggressive person at a time.