Communication Bootcamp/Body Language combo


Te Anau club Pop Andrew Drive Te Anau

  9:30 am - 3:00 pm

  15 September 2018

This is a unique to Te Anau version/combination of my 2018 Bootcamp and Body Language Masterclass in one day.

The pure mechanics of exceptional communication all in one session. Including all the latest research on body language and how your emotions affect communication.

You will explore your own communication style, how you ended up with it, and whether it helps or hinders you

Discover how relationships really work –  family, romantic, work, business. Ethical, compassionate communication for a modern consciousness.
Knock your bad communication habits on the head – bullying, manipulating, drive-by communicating, talking over, ‘twiddly bits’, invisible questions, over passive behaviour.
Courageous conversations  – barriers and resolutions

Clever psychological triggers and cues to help you remember and incite you to change.

Includes morning tea, and customised notes. BYO Lunch.