Communication Bootcamp – be a better communicator…in a day!


Reap House 21 Pyne Street Whakatane

  9:00 am - 3:30 pm

  10 June 2018

Give me just one day of your time, and I will teach you how to:

  • Understand your own communication – and how that helps or hinders you in your life
  • Be a better leader – leading by example. Ethical leadership for a modern consciousness.
  • Be compassionately assertive – it’s new, it’s rocking the world, being recognised by Universities and global practitioners – Are you ready?
  • Say what you mean – are you getting your point across, or using ‘invisible’ words and questions?
  • Knock your bad communication habits on the head – bullying, manipulating, drive-by communicating, talking over, ‘twiddly bits’.
  • Corrective coach – how it works for you and them – re-programme your mindset
  • Hold courageous conversations with confidence and get the outcome you need
  • Seize opportunities and create possibilities in your life – know your next right move.

There will be no waffly bits.

It will STICK – through clever psychological triggers and cues.

It will INspire, INpower, and INcite you to change.

Everything about this day has been carefully considered – short, impactful mini sessions of 30-40 minutes throughout the day interspersed with power breaks to assist retention. It will be fun and engaging with: team activities, case studies, brainstorming, presentations.


Be brave. If you know you need help with communication this is it – all my best stuff in one day.


Coffee and tea provided all day. Bring your own lunch.


Limited spaces, so don’t wait, take the first step, book now!