Active Recovery Fridays


St John 10 Douglas Street Frankton Queenstown

  1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

  8 November 2019

Who is this for?

People who need to:

  • Release the pings (emotional triggers) they are receiving
  • Up their personal and professional well-being level
  • Get easy to use tools for productive communication that reduces and saves drama and time.

See you there. Don’t justify or validate it. Just be there if you need it.

Send your employees/team members/managers who need it – and then tell them to go home after….not back to work – see the difference when they put these tips into action in your business.

Active Recovery in a sporting context is about mentally and physically re-charging – not working so flat out, but keeping going so the wheels are still turning at a pace that regenerates your mind and body.

If you worked day after day with little time between full on training sessions, you’d likely get burnt out.

The same would happen if you did nothing in between, or resorted too often to ‘wind-down’ measures that you ‘deserve’ because of your busy, stressful lifestyle. You would eventually see a decline in your endurance and performance.

The same can happen in your work world. You don’t listen to your body, you are constantly in fight or flight because of feeling overwhelmed or excessive demands on your time, and if nothing changes ‘slippage’ starts to occur.

This can mean that in the workplace:

Information doesn’t flow to the right people, or in its fullest form

Extra time is spent in searching for information and double handling

Snippy comments abound as your frustration builds up to critical mass

In your personal world:

You can lose reality of where work ends and personal begins

You take it home with you, literally and figuratively (massive pressure on partners and family)

The term ‘me time’ is just a distant memory


These Friday afternoons are about taking back control of your work (and personal) world

Getting out of the passive which costs you time and energy and more into compassionate assertive communication style

Doing a re-set on communication that doesn’t feel, look or sound right to you

Blocking incoming drama before it even gets to you

Avoiding common pitfalls that slow you down, make you despondent, and feel like you’re walking on eggshells.


This is my every day work! I sit with people in groups or in 1-1 coaching and listen to their ‘stuff’. What I’ve learned? It’s mostly the same stuff they are all going through, dealing with, and living with. And, it can be turned around. No, it’s never too late. Yes, it can happen quickly if you really want it to change.