A.M.A. – Ask Me Anything sesh – Wanaka


St John rooms 4 Link Way Wanaka

  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

  26 March 2019

Start with a Why, How, When, What, add on what you need to know about communication. Turn up, and ask your question.

There is no script, who knows what will come up? Be there, get your answer, and change your life.

Steph Holloway now lives and bases her business Elemental Potential from Queenstown. Join her in these fun sessions and get the answers you have been seeking, as well as meet new faces.

Here are some common questions:

What is the reason people seem to have heard me, but, then don’t do what I want?

How do I tell my son for the 100th time to put his mug in the dishwasher without falling out with him?

When somebody rolls their eyes at me, what’s the best thing to say?

Why can’t I let it go when someone annoys me?

Communication could be REALLY simple, but we complicate it.

The good news? Communication starts and ends with you.

The bad news? Communication starts and ends with you!

I hate to burst your bubble of justification but………it is ALWAYS your fault. Something you said, or didn’t say, the way you said it, or who you said it to.

“Let me show you how easy it can be.”

Steph Holloway

I hope this will be a regular thing. Introductory price just $10.

I will fit in as many questions as I can in the 1.5 hours. You’ll get some answers – even if it’s not your question!