Hosted by Alexandra Parents Centre – Communication that kids understand #1


 St Aidens Church Hall Alexandra
St Aiden's Church Hall 9 Bantry Street Alexandra

  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

  22 May 2019

If you were looking for a ‘quick fix’, a solution to the problem your children have, or a way to make them ‘come right’, you may be disappointed I’m afraid. Communication – just like the age old saying about charity… ”begins at home”.

In trying to effect any change in communication styles, and therefore enhancement of relationships, you must first look to yourself. How do you communicate? What does it look like to others? How does it affect others? Is it conducive to a win-win? Or is its sole purpose for you to become the ‘winner’?

Children learn from the adults around them, they use us as role models, guides, mentors (whether we realise it or not). Therefore it makes sense that often what we show them in our words and actions is how they believe we want them to communicate back to us… because we have shown them what is acceptable in their perception.

If you had to identify with a communication style: Passive, aggressive, in-direct or assertive, which would it be? Modern day parents tend to favour a manic flip between either aggressive (my kids don’t listen), or passive (it’s easier to do and say nothing). The problem with this, is that kids never learn about assertiveness and if you go passive and they don’t get an outcome they will go more aggressive. Assertive communication is clear, concise, directed at them, positive, warm, and delivered in the right tone, with confidence.

This first session starts exactly where it needs to…..with you and your communication style default. It will leave you thinking, eager to change (possibly), and ready to learn more.

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