Online Communication Clinic – 4 sessions


Whatever you think you’re dealing with, let me help.

Do you need to ‘corrective coach’ poor incoming behaviour towards you that is diminishing you?

It could be that you are a passive communicator and want to learn how to be more assertive and protect your time and boundaries in a way that still feels right to you. Common traits of passive communicators include: Approval seeking, invisible, and self-depreciating speech.

It could be that you are aware of your ‘faults’ – running on ego, over-talking, drive by communication, and want to learn how to appear more respectful and tolerant of others in interactions. Common traits of ego include: The need to be right, opinionated, moralisation, judgmental.

Is it an anger issue? Are you an aggressive communicator? Loud, self indulgent, don’t think about the effect on the other person?

Are you passive aggressive? Do you tell other people instead of telling the person who really needs to know? Gossip, whingey?

Whatever it is, talking it through, getting practical, easy to master skills and techniques from each session to build your skills and confidence will help.

Change in communication has no magic pill unfortunately.

Progress happens through small and incremental successes when you are trying to change and enhance communication. These increments lead to re-programming for you and them.

I will use the compassionate assertive model, along with body language techniques/awareness raising if appropriate, and the ‘pure mechanics’ of communication. Speech, tone, words, placement of words.

Choose a platform (I use Zoom) but if you use something different that’s fine. Make your self comfy, and let’s use technology to get around the geography and make this happen for you.

Each session is 1 hour and then I will send you notes/homework to work on until our next session.

Four sessions are the optimum to allow time in between to assimilate the learning. You can use them over a time span that suits you, but ideally a session every week/two weeks is beneficial.

Disclaimer – I can’t guarantee I can ‘fix’ what you need help with. What I can guarantee is that I will try my very best to help. 



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