Christmas Special. Quick Fix 1-1 Coaching to get it sorted


Sometimes you are dealing with something that popped up and hit you for six at work, in love or family.

Sometimes it’s an oldie – the gift that just keeps on giving! Old hurts, with no resolution, same old, same old. Frustrating!

If you want to go into Christmas or a new year with solutions to those communication puzzles.

If you need an ear (from someone who knows a bit about communication) …….. let me help.

Let me show you how using compassionate assertiveness can get to the bottom of even the most nuggety issue. Re-set relationships of all kinds, re-establish healthy boundaries, protect your personal well-being, and move you forward with confidence.

If I’m in your town before Christmas we can do this in person, if not choose your technology – Skype, Zoom, Phone……..

This offer is to be used before Christmas and spots are limited. It includes a full hour face to face/technology, plus follow up afterwards up until December 28th by email so we can work it through.

The best present you can give yourself this Christmas?

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to sort ‘it’ for you in this quick fix coaching (depending on the issue), but I’ll try my very best. 


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