Claim back your life!


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St John Wanaka Ambulance Station, 4 Link Way, Wanaka 9305

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

  10 October 2021

This is for you if you need a BREAKTHROUGH in your life.  Breakthrough and Abundance coaching helps you to explore where you are now, how you got there, and how you move forward – to a state of abundance and joy

I’m so excited to collaborate on this session with Claire Akin-Smith – Human Health Strategist. 

Ready? To Claim back your life.

This morning workshop is in three parts:

Part 1 –

Steph – Lets explore patterns, how they were created, and in what ways they are holding you back.

Claire – Biological Predispositions for physical and thinking patterns. Adding a lens of clarity on yourself, letting things go that no longer serve you, and increasing your motivation for change.

Part 2 –

Steph – Let’s use Breakthrough and Abundance coaching tools to forge a new way forward, with different outcomes and benefits for you. What does your future life look like?

Part 3 –

Steph – Let’s make sure the way forward is sustainable and it sticks. Practical techniques, tips, and tools to use from the minute you step out of the room.

Claire – Taking control of lifestyle factors that make a difference to your wellbeing, and increasing the opportunities for  success.


Bring: an open mind, a hopeful heart, and masses of enthusiasm, because your life is about to change!

What happens in the room stays in the room. You don’t need to share specifics to get something useful out of this session, but you are welcome to if you feel comfortable.


There will be a short break half way through with drinks and snacks provided.


Stephanie Holloway is an ANZCAL accredited Master Coach in Breakthrough and Abundance Coaching.

Claire Akin-Smith is a Human Health Strategist and Performance Coach.