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St John Room 4 Link Way, Wanaka 9305

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

  4 September 2021

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In 2017 I toured New Zealand with a class called Compassionate Assertiveness for Women. During that year I asked 1000 women the same question.

What’s your biggest fear as a woman?

Around 750 women said the same word! That word was failure. When we delved deeper into the word failure trends and patterns started to emerge.

“Feeling like I can’t be everything to everybody.” “If I’m a great lover, can I still be a great mother.” If I’m a mother and a partner/wife, can I find time to be a great daughter, sister, friend?” “How do I keep all of those balls up in the air without dropping one?” “Where is there any time left for me?” “I don’t even know who me is anymore?’ “I question whether I’m a great mum because I just lurch from one task to the next, I’m always busy.” “I’m always grumpy with my children.” “I never have time for great sex anymore.” “I miss that connection with my partner, but I don’t know how to get us back on track?”

Sound familiar? If it does, then the first thing….you’re not alone! The second thing…. it’s never too late to re-set the busy thing. The third thing…… it’s not your job to ‘fix’ all of this, lots of other people are involved in the equation.

You owe it to yourself to address this now. Sooner rather than later. Because the longer you leave it, the ripples kick in. Things get familiar, expectations are now assumed. You don’t say no. You don’t say anything.

Life becomes a vicious cycle of stuff to do, and places to be. Mundane. Mediocre. And that’s not a place that anyone should be living. Life is too short and too precious for merely going through the motions every day, becoming like flat-mates, chauffeurs, or housekeepers.

If you’d like to:

  • Claim back your life, your time, the authentic you, and live in a state of abundance
  • Claim back the passion you deserve in your romantic relationship
  • Re-set boundaries and expectations about who does what
  • Breakthrough, and beyond outdated stereotypes

Then this is for you.

The aim of this session is for you to:

  1. Understand how your time is used, and more importantly, why! It’s all linked to your communication style – which you can change whenever you want! Let’s explore that!
  2. Be able to re-set anything that needs re-setting – with confidence. Because if you don’t you’re just ‘feeding that kitten’ – once you’ve invited it in and accepted it why would it stop?
  3. Have the compassionately assertive communication tools to help you navigate any potentially awkward/clunky conversations you need to have with ease. What to say and how, and when to say it.


“When the fear of doing nothing is stronger than the fear of change…….you’re ready.” Steph Holloway
Are you ready?


This class is open to men and women. These feelings are being felt by both.

In 2020 I set off on another quest – to ask 1000 men the question:

“What is it, to be a modern day man?”  So far 423 men have said, started with, or included, one word in their answer –


Can you see the link between 2017 and now? I can – and I’d like to help.


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Stephanie Holloway is an ANZCAL accredited Breakthrough and Abundance Coach at Master Level. A Body Language Coach at Expert Level, and a Communication Coach with over 10 years of experience, working with over 10,000 individuals.


**There will be a short break half way through with a drink and a snack provided.