Christmas Special – Boomer Transition Coaching



I’m a Master Breakthrough coach, and work with Boomers (beautiful, talented, wise beings) who will be retiring (about 80 million of them globally) by 2026.
They have given so much to the world of work, their families, and now some of them are wondering what’s next?
Gift someone you love a Breakthrough Transition Coaching session to help them figure it out.
It can be quite overwhelming after almost a lifetime of knowing who you are and then considering the true potential of what else might be?
Special price of $150 for 90 minutes.
After you’ve purchased just send me the details of your recipient and I can contact them directly for you and send a voucher or I can send you the voucher to send on to them.
They can either do the coaching at my peaceful studio in Wanaka, at their home or another venue locally.
The coaching works just as well virtually too.
This is the gift that keeps on giving for someone you love.