Body Language for Teens. Decoding. October School Holidays.


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Virtual, by Zoom

10:30 am - 11:30 am

  12 October 2022

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As an ex Secondary teacher, and a coach of thousands of adults over the past decade, the greatest sadness in my work is that no one taught adults how to understand body language earlier so that it could have had an impact on their life sooner.

So this session is for teens 13-19 years.

  • It will help you to decode what you see in others. (The body language clues people send out to you during conversations and interactions).
  • You will be able to put together the ’cause and effect’ moments in human interactions and interpret how people feel in real time about what has just been said or done. Imagine that as a super power?
  • It may make you a kinder person, when you know what you are seeing? It may make you more assertive when you know how people are treating you? It may make you ask a different question to get a better result for yourself?
  • It will certainly help you to read situations and people better, and especially when you first meet new people in your life. At school, with your parents, in social settings.
  • Learning body language before you begin to navigate the adult world of work and personal relationships really gives you an edge in life.

Ready to look different, feel different, and communicate with confidence?

See you there.