Body Language Basics


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St John Rooms 4 Link Way Wanaka

9:00 am - 11:00 am

  7 October 2023

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Learn the elemental components of body language with Steph Holloway in this fun interactive class on a Saturday morning at the St John rooms Wanaka.

The class will cover:

  • What a baseline is and how to decipher it
  • How to tell what type of communicator a person is likely to be just from looking at them
  • How to read the space that people use to figure out – who they prefer, where they want to be, if they even want to be there, how confident they are,  how comfortable they are
  • The tells that people use to show how they are feeling in real time, and how that helps you to be a better human

You will never look at the world (or people)  in quite the same way again, once you know this information.

Note: The class may involve pulling faces, watching your own or the groups bodies, joining in.

Hope to see you there.

Plenty of on site parking. Hot drink and biscuits provided.