Body Language Awareness for Teens – The Encode. October School Holidays


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Virtual, by Zoom

10:30 am - 11:30 am

  5 October 2022

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As an ex Secondary teacher, and a coach of thousands of adults over the past decade, the greatest sadness in my work is that no one taught adults how to understand body language earlier, so that it could have had an impact on their life sooner.

So this session is for teens 13-19 years.

  • It will raise your awareness about your own encode (what you send out to the world), and how that influences what people think about you.
  • More importantly – how you feel about yourself. Did you know your body language can actually dictate how your body feels at any given moment.
  • It will give you easy to remember skills to boost your confidence and present well at public events, in social groups, and interviews.
  • If you want to, you could purposefully adopt new body language traits which you can practice. Alternatively, you could work on removing one’s which aren’t working for you.

Ready to look different, feel different, and communicate with confidence?

See you there.