Body Language 101 – Wanaka.


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Private Location Wanaka

8:00 am - 10:00 am

  25 February 2023

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Learn the elemental components of body language in a Saturday morning.

We start at 8.00am to make the most of the morning coolness. We’ll be done by 10am – still early enough to do something with your day and practice your new skills.

Small class of no more than 8, in a private studio near Wanaka town centre. This is a great way to learn, and ask questions you’ve always wondered about.

The session is split into 4 x 30 minute blocks.

Block 1 – Understand your own personal body language. A look at what you send out and how that might come across to others. How you came by that body language?

Block 2 – The ‘pivots’ of body language. The pivots people use explain where they want to be (or not) and who they want to be with (or not).

Block 3 – The comfort zones. People send off clues about how comfortable they are with something that has just been said or done or with certain people. This explains it.

Block 4 –  Facial clues. You might have heard the term ‘Micro-expressions’ find out what they are and why they are so important to understanding emotions

You’ll leave with some notes and ‘homework’ to practice your skills whilst you’re out and about over the weekend. The best way to get good at body language quickly is to look for it as soon as you have some knowledge about what you are looking at.

On Saturday March 18th there is a follow on class with more advanced topics. Check out that one too and book early