Best Team Builder of all Time

It’s a bold claim.

I’ve used this team builder activity hundreds of times, and every single time with a different result and a lot of fun..

At it’s simplest, it’s a way for a team or family to get to know each other more and feel connected. It also raises awareness about the personality, communication , learning, and decision making styles of each participant which is fascinating stuff any day of the week.

People are often surprised. There’s often good hearted humour as things are revealed, and people realise what it happening. Are intrigued or impressed by something they didn’t know about someone. A  trait is revealed that makes you change your perception?

As a facilitator of this activity you will get better at it very time you do it. You will notice more, start to see patterns and trends – as I have over the years.

As a way to end the year in a business it’s a fun thing to do. As a way to integrate a new team, or new family members as a family extends, it’s ideal too.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You can use it again with different groups with different results every time.

Run it as an icebreaker to a workshop or course.

Have fun with it and practice your own observation and feedback skills whilst you are at it.

This is think on your feet observation at its best.