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Elemental Potential has been a paperless business since 2012.  So you’ll only find e-books in PDF format in the online shop.

PING PONG – the latest edition which has been fully updated in 2019. Learn everything about compassionate assertiveness.

Live and Work in your Element – Manufacture your perfect life – This is the e-book that started it all back in 2012. It’s the reason I changed my own life and why I’m where I am today. Countless people have started successful businesses and re-invented themselves with this book….just as I did. This is the third edition and it’s more relevant than ever to an authentic life you can manufacture for yourself.

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Any advice or guidance offered through this site, my e-books, blog, events or 1-1 development session arrives at you purely from a viewpoint of communication. I am not (and do not claim to be) a couples counsellor, life coach, or psychological analyst. I advise you to seek professional advice outside of the parameters of communication if you need to. Any advice you take on board whether in your business or as an individual is solely at your own discretion and liability.