Communication Skills & Body Language Workshops & Events

Communication that Couples Understand

If you would like a greater understanding of how communication works between couples, this insightful, energising, and educational seminar is for you.

Over the two hours we will cover:

  • The facts about New Zealand relationships. Are you in the danger zone?
  • Take a walk down memory lane, and look at why you chose your partner.
  • Communication tools for couples that really work including: the message you send with your voice and words, body language, physical touch.
  • The way forward. Make time. Commit. Appreciate.

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Communication that Kids Understand

Want to get a grip on communication with kids? How would you like a conflict-free, peaceful, compassionate way to communicate? Body language and communication tips that work for any age. Communication that looks for the ‘win-win’… not the winner!

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Say it Out Loud – Body Language Basics

This is the workshop that started my business in 2012, and it’s updated every year with the latest thoughts on body language. Learn the basics of de-coding, recognition, and using directional body language to enhance your life in ways you never even dreamed of.

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Say it Out Loud – Body Language, Build Your Skills (Advanced)

This is my newest workshop. I get to teach you my first language in detail. Build your skills from the first workshop, and learn about micro-expressions, deception detection, body confidence, de-coding, speech illustrators and manipulators in detail.

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Compassionate Assertiveness for Women

What’s your biggest fear? Being labelled bossy? Being labelled weak if you act like a woman? I’ll show you how to look for the win-win, not the winner, seek first to understand, then be understood, learn how to ‘see it, say it’©. Use ‘low and slow’ tones to aid conflict resolution, and clear, concise, concrete communication – with no surprises.

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