Ready to go resources for educators, trainers and coaches

Are you a coach, trainer or educator? Ready to start making money? This could be the key? Buy the class you want to teach, and build your library of classes. Join them together to make a day event? Set your own selling price, and off you go.

Are you in training and development or in HR within a business and looking for short sessions to upskill your team or refresh their awareness around communication and wellbeing? There may be something in the list for your business too.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for please ask as I have over 40 titles and am in the process of listing them all.

I’ve been an Educator and Trainer for over 30 years and it’s a great career. Freelance training and virtual training can be a fantastic and fun way to make a living, but what most people wouldn’t realise when they attend a class or workshop is the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes in research, development, design and testing. It can take hours to prepare classes, and months in research too.

What if you could benefit from an experienced course/class developer, and buy tested classes ‘off the shelf’? Some people are amazing presenters, but may not have course design as a strength. Here is the solution.

I’m offering for sale, for instant use, top selling classes and programmes I’ve developed, and more importantly kept up to date with the latest global thoughts and research.

I’ve kept it simple. Each class/course has a trainer’s running sheet that you will work from with teaching tips. It also has a set of notes or an e-book that you will give/send to attendees to reinforce their learning. I do not use Slides – as they are old news.

These classes are designed to be interactive, generate meaningful discussion, and be energising. They work equally well in person or virtually. Some ready to go material companies have complicated licensing structures and clauses, with monthly fees – or over complicated materials to justify what you are paying for. These are not that!

They are fully editable, and customisable, you can add your own branding/logo.

Disclaimer – I accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the way in which you deliver the material and the ensuing results/outcomes.  Likewise  if you choose to edit the classes or programmes I take no responsibility or liability for your additions/edits and the effects of those changes and /or their delivery to people. 

There are no catches – apart from:

You are not allowed to re-sell or gift the class content to other trainers as your own – you must direct them to my site/to buy from me. 

I don’t teach these classes anymore, so I am not your competition. They have been taught to so many people over the past decade. Now it’s your turn to make them your own.

One- hour classes are $99. Two Hour workshops are $199. Half day workshops $299. Four-week programmes $399. All come with either notes or an e-book for attendees, and a running sheet with trainer notes for the trainer/coach.

Once you buy you will instantly be sent a downloadable set of materials in their source mode (Word) so that you can edit and brand as your own.

Categories include: Educators, teachers and parents. Recruiters and HR. Domestic/public events. Wellbeing. Gender. Relationships. Communication styles. Diversity and Culture. Workplace Basics.

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