Public Speaking

I have two real passions in life – body language, and watching businesses succeed.

I’m an accomplished public speaker, I’m a communicator, and I’m supremely confident in the knowledge of what I know.

I get a real buzz out of seeing the audience, engaging them from the get go, and leaving them with something new that changes their life, or perception of life in some way.

I’ve never had anyone leave through boredom, and I make it fun. I also love the sheer joy and challenge of a question and answer session at the end.

What’s my credibility?

Well, I reached expert level under a Paul Ekman franchise (the world’s foremost authority on non-verbal communication), trained with a leading NZ expert back in the day, and since then I have studied – people, thousands of them.  I am rarely caught out on the topic of body language after years of making it my first language – and after many live radio broadcasts and live events I am used to thinking on my feet.

Business success is important to me – as I know it is for you if you’re reading this. I owned businesses from the early 90’s in England when the term ‘glass ceiling’ for women was just becoming known. I’ve been in business for almost 30 years, and am entrepreneurial by design.

The very best businesses, the ones that others want to emulate – collaborate, inspire, encourage and spur on the people within it.


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