Public Speaking

Need an inspirational speaker for your next event?

I have two real passions in life – body language, and watching people reach their Elemental Potential.

I get a real buzz out of seeing the audience, engaging them from the get go, and leaving them with something new that changes their life, or perception of life in some way.

I am rarely caught out on the topic of body language after years of making it my first language – and after many live radio broadcasts and live events I am used to thinking on my feet.

Need someone fun, humourous and interesting for your event? Then pick up the phone: 027 668 0067.

Fees: $600 per hour plus GST.

Please note: I am your South Island Specialist and only work remotely in North Island.

Zoom and Live Streaming welcome.


“Steph is worth her weight in gold.”

“Steph has her finger on the pulse. It is like getting an upper injection – and it does not peter out.”

“She is so good, we are going to get her to do one-on-one training after this series with our key team members.”


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