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Live and Work in Your Element. Manufacture Your Perfect Days.

My tried and tested Live and Work in Your Element workbook has been used by thousands of people in their personal development journey over 5 years to gain a truthful, authentic perspective of their life, and what they need to do to change it. I’ve revised the workbook this year, and am offering it as a 1-1 development journey. I work with you over 4-6 weeks on a 1-1 basis (in person or Skype, etc) to help you move forward to where you want to be.

Your investment

$599. Includes 1-1’s, phone/email support, a personalised plan, and a copy of the workbook.

CV Specialist

My CVs hit their mark, they are personality based – which is exactly what NZ employers are looking for.

I am an expert in CV writing, and work with you on figuring out what we are selling (YOU), and then put that into a refreshingly authentic personal statement backed up by a ‘sit up and take notice’ list of your strengths, making you the obvious candidate in a sea of applicants.

I’ve had a 96% success rate in converting my CVs into interviews since July 2012.
If you think that a CV is just a list of where you’ve been working – you couldn’t be more mistaken!  Employers, more than ever are looking for who you are and how you can add value to their business.

Your investment



  • a 1-1 session (in person, by Skype, etc) to establish your needs and profile you
  • CV and a cover letter produced by me
  • handy help sheet on how to adapt your CV for different jobs and tips for job the interview

Want to have a go yourself? Head to the online shop for a value-packed DIY option.

Interview Coaching

Let me show you how to master that next job interview, with stress reducing techniques, body language recognition and de-coding.

Public Speaking

I have two real passions in life – body language, and watching women in business succeed. I’d say my ‘style’ in public speaking is topic + ‘wing it’. But, don’t let that put you off. Hey, I’m a communicator, and I’m supremely confident in the knowledge of what I know.

So, I’d rather meet with my audience, see what I’m working with, and go from there. I’ve never had anyone leave through boredom, and try my best to inject humour and insight into my public speaking. I also love the sheer joy and challenge of a question and answer session at the end.

Why am I qualified to speak about these two topics?

Well, I am officially classified as a body language expert and trained under a Paul Ekman franchise (the world’s foremost authority on non-verbal communication). I am rarely caught out on the topic of body language after years of making it my first language – and after many live radio broadcasts and live events I am used to thinking on my feet.

Women in business are close to my heart (I was a woman in business from the 90s in England when the term ‘glass ceiling’ was just becoming known). Women in business have different motivators to men, and the gender ‘issue’ is never far from the surface. I teach compassionate assertiveness to women in business so that they don’t have to ‘act like men’ to succeed, they act like themselves. I’ve been in business for almost 30 years – and collaborative, inspirational, encouraging women have always spurred me on. My goal is to pay that forward.

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