New for 2023 Coaching for Coaches

Over the next four years I will be passing on my knowledge to other new, aspiring or existing coaches. Presenting and coaching has been the most amazing adventure for me, and now I want to share that love as I head towards retirement in 2026.

I will be running in person and virtual coaching courses for coaches to take your skill level to an unprecedented level.

Small class size. Run in stunningly beautiful Wanaka in person over 3 or 5 days. Virtually over 12 weeks in the second half of 2023.

You will ideally be an existing coach or presenter with an idea of how you want to help people and change the world, but not entirely sure how you execute that vison.

These courses will give you a ‘bag of tricks’ unseen in one place before. Rather than attend numerous different courses and programmes, with complicated layers and licensing. This NOT THAT!

It’s like I gift wrapped it for you so you’re good to go. My intention is for you to make a return on your investment sooner, rather than later.

Many coaches have a passion and a vision, but making a fantastic, and consistent living out of it is a different matter! These courses will leave you completely ready to go, earn, make an impact in the world. Comprehensive training and coaching from a Master Coach and Body Language expert. Educator and Lecturer of 30 years. Highly skilled and proven in creating, structuring and delivering class, courses and programmes. You not only build your knowledge but have an instantly usable set of resources to get you started or enhance your existing brand.

The signature course that kicks it off is: Coaching for Coaches. 3 Days Wanaka. 

March 2023

What it covers:

3 full days in person. 

Topics covered:

  • What is the coaching/trainer role? What is it’s purpose?
  • Coaching Styles – What is the best fit for your business
  • Communication styles – Yours and others’
  • Presentation and delivery skills, including speech, and non verbal communication, real life and virtual
  • Creating workshops and programmes – how to choose titles, structure sessions, and create activities
  • Writing running sheets, notes and creating resources.

This coaching uses Breakthrough Coaching Techniques. The aim is that participants become proficient and confident in presentation skills, course construction, deliverability and accessibility.

If you have a programme or course/sessions in mind, you should be able to create it during this time frame.

Total $2300 (plus GST). Payment plans available.


May 2023 Become a Compassionate Assertiveness Coach and Practitioner. 5 Days Wanaka.

Over 5 in person days in Wanaka you will learn the Compassionate Assertiveness in Action model that Elemental Potential created and trade marked in 2011. Now taught to over 25,000 people globally and over 1500 businesses. Some businesses are now actively recruiting for this communication style.

Are you a coach who could take this to the next level? It is the most incredible communication style that will return humanity to the world, change workplaces and all types of relationships. You can use it for public events, corporate training programmes, 1-1 coaching, education, parenting, all types of relationships, the list really is endless. No one has yet put a compassionate assertive programme into schools? Could that be you?

This spectacular communication style is way too important to keep to myself. The world needs it now more than ever. How can you play your part, whilst carving out an incredible business for yourself?

Everything you need to get going with 10 different classes and running sheets, resources and notes is included.

Live classes/events and instruction are part of this course.

Pre requisites – you will ideally already be a coach, teacher, educator of some type. $4,300 plus GST.


July 2023 Genterpreter Coach Training. 3 Days Wanaka.

Genterpreter was created in 2019 as a result of my work with businesses who were not ready for the Boomer transition from the workforce and repercussions of that.

This is an opportunity to learn the Genterpreter programme – a series of 5 sessions that can be run in person or virtually as webinars, workshops, classes, public events or 1-1 coaching. The potential is endless here. Genterpreter is a registered trademark to Elemental Potential which you are able to use in your own brand as an offering without license once you have attended this course. Includes all running sheets, and resources for the 5 Genterpreter sessions as well as 2 bonus classes.

To say that Genterpreter has yet to reveal its true and full potential is an understatement. Changes in the workplace will see wide ranging changes from 2026 when the Boomers retire – right up to 2045  when the last of the Gen X retire. I predict that the next big topic of 1-1 coaching will be Boomer Transition coaching. Get in at the beginning and hone your offering. Read the Genterpreter Programme Services page to see my current offering on this topic.

Pre Requisites? You will ideally be an existing Life Coach, or Business Coach, consultant who wants to add another layer to your offering. $2,700 plus GST


November 2023 Become a Body Language Coach and Trainer. 5 Days Wanaka.

Over 5 in person days in Wanaka you will learn everything I’ve learned over the past 12 years about body language. All the knowledge, skills, techniques and tips. How to present it to a diverse client base and offerings. Includes 10 ready to go classes with running sheets, tutor guide and resources for attendees.

You will run live classes as part of this course  to build your confidence and practice techniques. Or you may opt to work with an existing client.

You don’t need to become a body language coach necessarily, but knowing this level of body language will certainly help you with clients no matter what type of coach or business you are.

Pre-requisites. You will have either completed the Elemental Potential Coaching for Coaches course or another coaching credential before you attend this body language one. Price and details on application.

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Payment plans available


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