Coaching for Coaches and trainers within businesses

Do you have a training role within a business? Are you a self-employed coach?

In 2023 I will be running in person and virtual coaching courses to take your skill level to an unprecedented level.

Small class size. Run in stunningly beautiful Wanaka in person over 3 days.

These courses will give you a ‘bag of tricks’ unseen in one place before. Rather than attend numerous different courses and programmes, with complicated layers and licensing. This NOT THAT!

It’s like I gift wrapped it for you so you’re good to go. My intention is for you to make a return on your investment sooner, rather than later.

Many coaches have a passion and a vision, but making a fantastic, and consistent living out of it is a different matter! These courses will leave you completely ready to go, earn, make an impact in the world.

Comprehensive training and coaching from a Master Coach and Body Language expert. Educator and Lecturer of 30 years. Highly skilled and proven in creating, structuring and delivering class, courses and programmes. You not only build your knowledge but have an instantly usable set of resources to get you started or enhance your existing brand.

Go to the events page to see which courses are running on what dates and whether virtual or live.

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