Coaching for Coaches and Trainers

Who is this for?

Self-employed coaches and trainers who work within businesses.

What will you be learning?

You’ll be exploring what coaching is, learning how to create and write workshops and programmes. Presentation and delivery skills – both virtual and real-life

How do you know it’s credible?

Coaching for Coaches (and Trainers) offered by Elemental Potential is an ANZCAL Recognised Course. Elemental Potential is the ONLY provider in New Zealand with an ANZCAL recognised course for coaches and trainers.. What that means is that it has gone through a very stringent process to assess that it meets the ANZCAL values of training to others, professionalism, and that it is delivered by an ANZCAL Master Coach.

At the end of the course, subject to competency you will receive a certificate of completion recognised by ANZCAL. This certificate, along with other supporting information can be used to apply for ANZCAL membership.

Refer to the ANZCAL Capabilities table on:

*It is not a life coaching course, but ANZCAL does offer a life coaching course.

For a brochure with detailed information please contact Places are by application.

Offered as a 1-1 option over 2 days or a group option (3-5 people) over 3 days.




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