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Personalised 4-week intensive coaching

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Develop your skills, ditch an annoying habit (in you or another) inject your business with new purpose, work on your couples relationship, create a better world for you and your kids to live in, or just fire up your spirit and learn something new and interesting.


  • Because I care. I am a results based business, and will go all out to get you a result.
  • Because I am a qualified educator with 30 years experience and have worked with over 10,000 people to enhance their lives.
  • Because I’ve kicked ass in the ‘triumph over adversity’ realm – and not only survived, but thrived. Life’s lessons just made me stronger and ninja level astute!
  • Because I know without doubt that ALL communication issues are AVOIDABLE!

Whatever you’re dealing with: war, conflict, injustice, vendettas, breakdowns in communication – I can help you fix it and STOP it becoming your legacy! Unorthodox, revolutionary ideas that DESTROY old patterns and habits.

The ‘Pure Mechanics’ of communication. It really is EASY when you know how. Patience? A cool head? Wouldn’t that be great too?

What it includes:

  • 4 x 1 hour sessions online/Zoom/Skype/phone. (Or in person if I’m anywhere near you.)
  • Unlimited support by email/speakpipe in between sessions
  • Speakpipe – this is awesome – you just press the button, speak to me and I speak back when I get your message. Only intensive coach clients will have access to me in this way. You can leave me your thoughts, or ask me a question. All you have to do is look down the right hand side of your screen and press the button.
  • Free access to the Elemental Potential body language online learning course. Video tutorials –  build up your skills and practice to become non-verbal communication savvy – enhancing your life in ways you wouldn’t believe possible. These videos are not available in the public domain (You Tube etc). They are ONLY for intensive coaching clients.
  • Intensive coaching only content – Advanced body language notes and articles. Keeping you bang up to date with what’s happening.
  • Free e-book – Communication made Easy. 

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