IMPACT sessions

Short sessions in New Zealand or internationally. Delivered virtually by Zoom/Skype/What’s App/Blue Jeans etc. In person if you are in beautiful Wanaka, Queenstown, or if I’m near to you.

IMPACT sessions can be used as:

A fun addition to women’s/men’s groups, end of year ‘do’ (Becomes very cost effective if you split the cost between attendees).
A way to improve relationships of all types
Family meetings?
A Lunch and Learn session over a lunchtime?
An Early Morning Wake Up Call or Breakfast session?
Friday after work ‘Beer tanks’ (think tanks with beer)?
Small Team Development?

Looking for Ideas?

Communication Style Awareness Raising – helps any group of people understand who they are individually and collectively, how they became who they are, and how that affects others in the world. Great for teams, families, and groups.

Conflict Prevention/Resolution using Compassionate Assertiveness as a tool – a simple, sustainable communication model to speak your mind without it being at the expense of anyone else. Get’s results, clears the air, creates transparency in relationships. Great for couples working through things, workplace tension, resentments that have built up in friendships.

The Multi Generational World – How to understand and really appreciate the motivations and communication styles of other generations. Great for parents, schools, childcare groups, businesses.

Decoding (and Encoding) non verbal communication (body language) – my life’s passion and joy. Helping people to see the whole truth, the emotions, intentions and everything else locked within the 93%  of communication that is non-verbal.

My real ‘joy zone’ within body language is in helping people to:

  • Recognise differences in gender non verbal’s (good for families, groups, and workplaces that are testosterone or oestrogen heavy)
  • Body language within couples (essential to become closer and understand each other more)
  • Body language of attraction (how to know when someone is into you)
  • Body language to add depth to writing (adding nuance to detective, romance and other novels and screenplays)
  • Sales and pitching (how to interpret and utilise micro expressions and gestures you are seeing for competitive advantage).

What will it cost?

For individuals – $195 (including GST) for 1 hour 1-1 session 
For couples (or 1-2 people) – $230 (Including GST) for 1 hour session
For small groups (3-8) $330 plus GST for 1 hour session
For groups and businesses up to 20 people – $500 plus GST for 1 hour session 

Plus disbursements at cost if non local/in person *non-local = outside of Wanaka/Queenstown

Please note: I only work remotely in North Island – unless I happen to be in North Island.

More than 20? Need a customised session? Want to mix and match several sessions? Let me know what you need.


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