Impact Sessions in Body Language


Delivered virtually or in person – if I’m near to you.

For Educators and Parents:

  • Body Language for Classroom Management and Connection
  • How to decode children’s body language

For Business:

  • De-coding and en-coding body language for business
  • Cross Cultural Body Language – How to be more aware

For Writers:

  • Adding depth into writing using body language


  • Body language and gender

What will it cost? IN – HOUSE (real life) sessions

For small groups (3-8) $495 plus GST for 90 minute session
For groups and businesses up to 20 people – $750 plus GST for 90 minute session 
Over 20 people – $900 for 90 minute session

What it includes:

  • Pre-session chat/email
  • 90  minute Interactive session
  • Notes for your team to takeaway to reinforce the learning

Plus disbursements at cost if non local/in person *non-local = outside of Wanaka/Queenstown

Please note: I only work remotely in North Island – unless I happen to be in North Island.


ALL of these sessions are available VIRTUALLY.

What will it cost? VIRTUAL sessions

Flat fee of $450 plus GST for 45 minute session

What it includes:

  • Pre-session chat/email to discern how best to customise to your needs.
  • 45 minute Interactive session
  • Notes on the session

Need a customised body language session? Let me know what you need.

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