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How can I help?

I’ve recently done a Breakthrough session on myself, and what I discovered, is that I work best for you when I don’t get caught up in the transactional ‘time for money’ or geographic ethos. I search instead, for the alliance between us, and how I can truly help you in a ‘stick-able’ way.

I work globally.

I’m the Queen of short, snappy virtual sessions where everyone gets an aha moment!

It might not be the same moment, at the same time, or even about the same thing but – collectively, it makes a difference! It makes a difference to how you feel, about yourself, your work, your world, your life, the world!

Somewhere between $220NZD for a one off Breakthrough Coaching session and $3,000NZD plus GST to work with me for a whole day, is a sweet spot that will work for us both. The easiest way to find out is to pick up the phone and call me and let’s chat. Or email

My sweet spot is the 45 minute virtual session where you either – stay at your desk, get together, stream me into a real life event at a venue, or hybrid of any or all of that.

In person? Let’s chat.

In communication there really is no ‘one size fits all’. I custom create sessions to meet your outcomes and make them relevant and useful to you.

So what do you need?

Body Language is my super power, and the absolute best thing about it, is that it can be applied in so many contexts. It’s a brilliant skill to gain for more insight into….well everything!

Need help communicating? Compassionate Assertiveness is an incredible tool to get things sorted. It works on the  basic principles of Seek first to understand, See it, say it, Don’t feed the kitten.

And Breakthrough Coaching? Is a unique style of coaching. It’s a bit in your face, big questions that uncover things you possibly already knew. The Breakthrough can happen at anytime during a session, the exciting part is what happens next!

How do I make myself even more accessible to you?

If you’re in New Zealand -you can use a couple of my services through Regional Business Partners. I currently have coaching for coaches,  communication style profiling, and body language for interviewing listed with them. Look up Elemental Potential and speak to your regional representative.

Also in New Zealand I have Workplace literacy FREE funding available for businesses with 40-100 people. You can get up to 80 hours of free training with me over 2023. Get in touch to talk about eligibility. The programme can include any aspect of communication. We design the programme together and you name it.

Not in New Zealand? People I work with are from all over the world. There’s a currency converter in the online shop, and I can create you a button to pay there, by card, with a receipt, no problem.

However we work together, thank you for choosing Elemental Potential and me. Communication is the key to everything. How can I help?







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