It’s no longer a question of if, but when!

By 2026 the majority of the 80 million global Boomer generation will have done an Elvis, and exited the building.

What does that mean for the people who remain? There are many theories, and I’ve spent the past three years uncovering them and following the research.

That insight, along with running a programme I created back in 2018 called Genterpreter®  has enabled hundreds of businesses to feel more prepared, more informed, and ready to transition into the next evolutionary phase of the workplace.

And it is evolution. Inevitable. We don’t need to take it personally. Each generation has amazing things to bring to the table. What if there was a way to REALLY understand that, not just pay it lip service. What if you knew HOW to adjust your attitude to harness and leverage what is coming. Would it affect your strategic planning? Might it change how you attract and recruit your people? Could you, with no pre-conceived viewpoint ask the Millennials (who will make up 40-75% of the workforce post 2026) what they REALLY think. And then – really listen!

The best way to fully get a grip on this is to work through all five Genterpreter® sessions, to add context and build something tangible for your future. If, however you prefer to sample one, you go for it.

Here are the five layers to Genterpreter®:

1 – Genterpreter® General snapshot of Generations. This session has one elemental aim: To prevent you buying into stereotypes, and making assumptions about other generations. This is what the research and facts tell us about how each generation thinks, their values and why they do what they do.

2 – Genterpreter®. The Attitude Adjustment – how to relate and conversate across generations. There is no time left for intolerance, judgement, or denial around communicating across generations in your business. Now is the time to comprehend how to build bridges to others, and show appreciation and compassion for what they bring to the table. This session shows you how.

3 – Genterpreter® Transition to 2026 and beyond. Do you feel ready? Have you put strategies in place to make your business and people feel secure in the transition that is inevitable between now and 2026? Have you thought about how you leverage the talent that you have? This session offers practical suggestions, and is a wake up call for things you may not have thought of yet.

4 – Genterpreter® How do we attract, retain, manage and motivate multi-generations? This session is designed  for your leaders/managers of people (or future leaders), training and development team, and recruitment decision makers. It is a real time relevant look at how the current job market works, and what you will need to do to attract and keep people.

5 – Genterpreter® Millennial Viewpoint. If I play my part right in this session, then the attendees may have more questions than answers. This session’s aim is  to be a gigantic catalyst for ideation, bravery, and suggestion. At the end, I hope whoever you send finds someone who can action their thoughts and ideas and listens to them. This session is only for Millennials. The aim is to produce practical, viable, useful, and logical ideas that the business can use as it transitions through those years as the Boomers leave and Gen X make their decisions.

$600 plus GST per 45 minute virtual session for up to 100 participants Webinar Style. Interactive style audio/video on max 20-25. I work on 50% deposit on booking and 50% after the event.

Real life events are $800 plus GST per hour, plus travel time of $50 per hour if over 3 hours return travel and travel costs at $0.83 cents per km apply outside of Wanaka. Want to do all 5 as a development day? Talk to me about getting a great day rate.

If you are in Queenstown Lakes Region, Southland, Mackenzie, or Otago talk to me about doing an in person session for your team.

027 668 0067.


GENTERPRETER® is a registered Trademark to Elemental Potential Ltd




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