Corporate Coaching & Seminars

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to help them communicate better, work better together, and revive performance. My coaching includes non-verbal communication techniques, corrective coaching, supervisor training and development, communication techniques, and customer care needs analysis on your business.

Choose a half day option for $600 + gst or a full day for $1,200 + gst.

Say it Out Loud

My signature workshop that started it all!

I believe that understanding body language connects people and enhances all human relationships – every single human interaction.

What you see by the time body language manifests itself from the sub-conscious to the external body is about what the person is feeling as well as thinking. If you really want to be an exceptional communicator, make body language your first language – then listen and speak, and see how the whole world opens up before you.

This aims to give you an edge in life – using body language to gain a deeper insight into what’s really happening.

Half day or full day workshop with Q&A session. 


This workshop is aimed at refreshing and revitalizing businesses. It strengthens teams, and breathes new life into the communication used at work.

My aim is to leave your team with a heightened awareness of how they can be an asset to you. How they can take personal ownership of their actions, and gain a deeper insight into communication that looks for the win-win, not the winner!

This workshop is about building a strong, consistent culture within your team and having clarity about the difference between exceptional customer service and merely delivering on your brand promise.

Half day or full day workshop and a feedback session to the business owner/representative after the workshop.

Compassionate Assertiveness for Women in Business

Women in business have a unique set of challenges – simply to be in business.

Straight assertiveness doesn’t work for many reasons, it can alienate you, get you a label you don’t (or do) deserve, and still at the end of all that may not get you what you want… or if it does, it’s often at the expense of someone else’s feelings!

Exclusively for women in business – this can be a workshop, day conference or 1-1. It sees straight through outdated stereotypes, and gives you simple to manage communication tools, that once mastered, alter every aspect of your life – not just business.

Half day or full day workshop with Q&A session.

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