Business Coaching

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to help them communicate better, work better together, and revive performance.

My coaching is based on a model of compassionate assertiveness, non-verbal communication techniques, and corrective coaching. Elemental Potential is NZ’s only provider and practitioner of Compassionate Assertiveness. It’s a simple methodology that works fast and sticks!




This workshop is aimed at refreshing and revitalizing businesses. It strengthens teams, and breathes new life into the communication used at work.

My aim is to leave your team with a heightened awareness of how they can be an asset to you. How they can take personal ownership of their actions, and gain a deeper insight into communication that looks for the win-win, not the winner!

This session is about building a strong, consistent culture within your team and having complete clarity about the difference between exceptional customer service and merely delivering on your brand promise.


Compassionate Assertiveness for Women in Business


Exclusively for women in business – this can be a workshop, day conference or 1-1. It sees straight through outdated stereotypes, and gives you simple to manage communication tools, that once mastered, alter every aspect of your life – not just business.


Make an impact and influence using body language

An insight into the spectacular game changer body language can be. If all you are doing is using words and listening you are really missing out. Want to know the rest?

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