Short Inspirational Sessions

Short Inspirational sessions work. Instead of sending your team out to lots of different development sessions, let me deliver them in house in short, snappy sessions that intrigue and inspire them.

You could hold:

A Lunch and Learn session over a lunchtime.

An Early Morning Wake Up Call or Breakfast session

Small Team Coaching

1-1 Coaching

Prices are per person depending on numbers. Plus disbursements at cost if non local.

1-5 $80 per person

6-10 $75 per person

10-15 $65 per person

16-20 $50 per person

21-30 $45 per person

Over 30 by negotiation

All prices are plus GST and disbursements may apply if non-local (outside of Southland/Parts of Otago

Please note: I am your South Island Specialist, and only work remotely in North Island.

You are welcome to hold these sessions by Zoom or Live Streaming.

Ideas for your session?

Body Language for Sales or Body Language 101

Compassionate Assertive Businesses do Better

Communicate to set and keep boundaries

How to keep communication flowing

Understand the teams communication styles

Understand the learning styles in your team

How did this happen? (Unraveling an event or situation – Root Cause Analysis)

Ditch those bad communication habits

How to have those necessary conversations

Live and Work in Your Element

Improve Team Morale

Interpreting Workplace Behaviour

Customer Engagement – Set it up to succeed

Re-setting the Communication Culture

Top 5 Avoidable things in Communication

How Internal Teams work at best

Coming July 2020:

Become a Genterpreterâ„¢ – How to work in a Multi-Generational workforce

Genterpreterâ„¢ – How to Manage a Multi-Generational workforce




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