Communication Brilliance

This session is for leaders, managers of people, and emerging leaders. It’s the class I wish I could teach to every business school graduate in the world… before they leave, and start managing people!

It is in depth, and allows for discussing, trouble shooting, and ideation activities around your unique, situations..

Leadership isn’t just about business, industry or field specific talent. Your talent is no use to you whatsoever, if you neglect to inspire people, confuse them, or plain irritate them with your communication methods.

Brilliance in this sense means: mastery, expertise, intelligence, talent, artistry. Wouldn’t you like people to say that about your communication skills? How do you think you’re doing?

These are small group intensive sessions for your business. Send the people who need the skills, who can be a catalyst for change. Send the right people and the ripple effect will run through every layer of your business like the gift that just keeps on giving.

Can you own? Your current communication style and how it’s working for you, the individual, and the business.

Can you see? How issues that affect the business happen?  How to prevent them and keep it sustainable. Trouble shooting common themes and client specific ones.

Can you feel? What you project, and read in others verbal and non-verbal communication. How emotionally accurate are you?

Can you be? An inspiration to get the very best out of people – simple mechanics of communication when dealing with real live humans!

I run a results based business, so this session is not for the faint-hearted. It is designed to be self-reflective, taking ownership and accountability for who they are, and what they send out to the world. It will provide instantly usable methods that stick, and instill the need to ‘keep at it’ long after the session is over.


Full day session

6 hours plus 2-3 breaks as you wish

$2,200 plus GST

Half day version

$1,500 plus GST

Plus disbursements at cost if non local/National/International

Please note: I only take bookings for full days in North Island.


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