Breakthrough Life Coaching for Men

Do you sometimes feel like you are running on 20:20 hindsight? Imagine what your life would be like if you ran on 20:20 insight instead? If you could say what you mean, mean what you say…… and not be mean.

Let me help you to: Set boundaries, communicate purposefully, avoid repeat patterns and bringing out ‘ammunition’ you’ve been storing up.  Grasp alternative viewpoints – your own and others. Identify what being a good leader looks like, and how to relate to your team. Recognise when ‘monkey mind’ is getting the better of you and doing harm. Have the guts to own it when you realise it’s you that’s the problem.

Breakthrough coaching can also help with letting go, and realising that you don’t need to fix everything yourself. Expressing your feelings if you feel pushed out or under-valued. Deal with influences or influencers from your past that are holding you back. Getting a clearer definition of your male identity, and improving intimacy and other relationships.


Changing the way men think, express themselves, and communicate.

It’s all inter-linked isn’t it? Life, love, career, relationships, business?

My coaching philosophy is simple: Let’s get real. Let’s get serious. Let’s get on with it.


What it includes:

  • 4 x 1 hour sessions online/Zoom/Skype/phone (or in person if I’m anywhere near you).
  • Unlimited support by email/text in between sessions.
  • Free e-book: Communication made Easy.

Conditions: Coaching to be completed over 4 -6 weeks after payment. Further weeks will be at an extension rate.

A great coach will not judge, or make assumptions about you. They will also not offer advice. The difference between counselling (past oriented) and coaching (future facing) is significant. A great coach will instead, help you to explore – asking the right questions, and leading you to identify what is next for you. They will also keep you accountable, and help you to feel fulfilled and inspired with your life. Let me show you how.


Member of the Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance at Master Coach Level. Certified Breakthrough Life Coach

Certified Abundance Life Coach


4 Weeks

$790 NZD/4 weeks