Breakthrough Coaching

What exactly is Breakthrough Coaching?

I get asked this a lot.
And, I’ve thought a lot about how to answer the question.

The simplest way I’ve found to explain it is:
“It helps you to get to the ideal.” The ideal what?
The ideal situation. The ideal communication. The ideal version of you.

You’ll hear people tell you that you can’t have your ideal! That what you’re dealing with is normal. That it’s just life!

If you believe that, and you’re ready to settle, then Breakthrough Coaching probably isn’t for you.

The next most popular question I get asked is:
“How do you get a Breakthrough?”

Here’s how………
The Coach doesn’t pollute or dilute your time with any of their ‘stuff’ – that includes, judgement, opinion or advice. That’s something else. That’s not Breakthrough.

So, your time is led by you – (You likely already know your ideal before you get there).

Exploration and curiosity from the coach will help you to explore what your ideal is, what it looks/sounds/feels like and possibilities of how you might get there.

Fresh eyes and ears from someone who is not a friend can get to questions you’ve maybe never been asked before. Or, you have been asked them – but answered dis-honestly?

The ‘aha’ Breakthrough moment doesn’t always happen in session. It’s not uncommon for people to chase me up their own driveway when I’m on my way out of their property, ring me later that night, or even a week later. I’ve had emails in the middle of the night, been sent photos, been invited to speak at their wedding when they got back together, been paid double in appreciation of how it’s changed a life.

Which is fantastic of course. But it’s the unique Breakthrough process + you which gets the breakthrough for you.

Interested to find out? Get in touch. Tell me what your thing is that you’d like to break through, and let’s get started on it!

Breakthrough works well if you want a quick breakthrough on one very specific thing in a single session. If you’re trying to figure out your next move in an area, you will probably need a 4-6 session bundle.

A single session is $250 for 90-120 minutes. A 4 session bundle is $899 for 4 x 90-120 minute sessions.

Master Breakthrough Coach. ANZCAL accredited

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