Body Language For Business

Make an impact and influence using body language

An insight into the spectacular game changer body language can be. If all you are doing is using words and listening you are really missing out. Want to know the rest?

Full day session

6 hours plus 2 breaks as you wish

$2,200 plus GST

Half day version

$1,500 plus GST

Plus disbursements at cost if non local

Please note: I  am your South Island Specialist and only work remotely in North Island.



Steph is an ‘observer’, and in many cases was able to pick up on staff’s true feelings, meanings and intentions, where we as Managers possibly wouldn’t have. She’s also a lovely smiling face to have around, everyone who worked with her enjoyed the opportunity to do so.

The result of having worked with Steph is now a much stronger and focused team at Nicholson United Autos Ltd. We all learned some very valuable skills in how to conduct ourselves to achieve a positive outcome through our body language and our actions.

We would recommend Steph to anyone who wants to gain insight into themselves/their staff and to anyone who wants to improve communication in their day to day lives.

Dean Nicholson, Nicholson United Autos

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